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We can ask for a dream to help us understand what is happening in our life. When we are disturbed, we can write in our journal about our feelings and get in the flow of our inner guidance and movement of our life. We can feel ourselves as channels through which wisdom flows to bring the guidance we need. Find someone that you can share your dreams with. Decide that you are going to listen to your dreams, that you are willing to change, you are willing to grow, you are willing to give consent to the higher action within you. Willingness always proceeds growth and change.

Sometimes our higher self, our Inner Healer, is trying to teach us something, and our human mind or ego blocks it. The dreams might come, and at that moment we are unable to relate them to our life experiences. Write it down and return later when you are ready to work, you can go back to read your dreams and you will be able to listen to what it is trying to say to yo u. The light will dawn! We need to give permission to ourselves to move out of our negative, boxed-in attitudes and be free to do what needs to be done by us.

Working with Understanding Your Dreams

  1. Believe that dreams are of value.
  2. Invite your dreams before you sleep, using a thought such as I am open to guidance from my dreams tonight.
  3. Keep a journal and pen next to the bed or some way to record your dreams. Voice memos on your phone could work as well. Record all you can remember of your dream in the night or immediately upon awakening in the morning. Also, write down what is going on with your life currently. Be sure to date your dream record.
  4. Meditate on your dream or the feeling you have in the morning. You can ask: “Help me understand this dream or feeling I have.” Then be quiet and receptive. It is good to again write down what comes.
  5. Keep a journal and write down other experiences in your inner life-images, songs, ideas, coincidences, promptings, the way things work out, remembrances, intimations of things coming, intuitive sensing, life situations that you feel are trying to tell you something.
  6. Befriend your dreams. Have love and patience toward them and what they want to tell you. Be positive toward them.
  7. Relate to your dreams. Ask questions about the dream or people or things in the dream, such as, “What are you to me or in my life?” and then enter the silence and listen. Write a dialogue with the voice of that dream person in your journal like a script ask questions and go back and forth.
    Have a sense of gratitude for the dreams, your deep wisdom, for the many ways this dream speaks to you, and strengthens you. You are here to live and demonstrate wonderful happenings because there is great wisdom, great love, great peace, and a great power living through you.
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