Individual Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

I look forward to designing an individual therapy approach that works for you.  We will work on your intention and goals and clarity on what you hope to gain from your medicine journey.  During the preparation phase, we will make sure you are adequately prepared with grounding and breathing techniques to support your best outcomes.

You will take a ketamine lozenge that dissolves under your tongue (no needles.) I will be with you during your ketamine session to assist you and support you. The entire visit on the day of the medicine journey is about two hours and you will be able to drive yourself home.

KAP-2-1-2 Package:

  • 2-Pre-sessions of therapy (2 hours)
  • 1-Medicine session with Gay Lynn (2 hours)
  • 2-Integrative sessions of therapy (2 hours)

One Lozenge supplied for Medicine Session
Please call for Special Package Pricing and to make your appointment.