Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Groups

I look forward to speaking with you and establishing if the group therapy setting is best for you and meets your needs.  The group is a deeper experience of working on therapeutic goals in an intimate and caring group setting.

A ketamine lozenge is administered at the beginning of the group and for three hours you will work on therapeutic processes such as psychodrama, rituals, and ceremonies, meditations for healing and transformation while in the group.

The themes of the group include discovering more of your own life meaning and purpose, the parts of you driving your life, shadow work, and connecting more deeply with your inner healer.

Oral ketamine is provided at each meeting (4 journeys!)

Group size is limited.

Groups meet once per week and for four weeks, 5:30 PM-8:30 PM

  • Tuesday, January 9th-30th

  • Tuesday, February 6th-27th

  • Tuesday, March 5th-26th

  • Tuesday, April 9th-30th

  • Tuesday, May 7th-28th

  • Tuesday, July 9th-30th

  • Tuesday, August 6th-27th

  • Tuesday, September 3-24th

  • Tuesday, October 8th-29th

  • Tuesday, November, 5th-26th