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An Inward Journey

Psychedelic medicine journeys particularly with the eye shades and headphones are typically more introverted and an inward journey. As such, the person on the journey is inwardly turned and the senses are heightened. With the psychedelic medicine journey, there can be astounding sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells, and lights. The journey can be internally rich with fractals patterns and colors. It is a place where colors can make sounds and sounds can make colors. The ancestors may come for a visit. A tree or animal may speak and share a message. A luminescent guide may communicate mind to mind without ever speaking a word.

Visits By Wisdom Figures

Within the context of the psychedelic journeys, there can be an experience of meeting wisdom figures. “I think we can meet the Master teacher” explained one friend. We can get information, but if we do not have the grounding, we do not know what to do with the information and it can come out all distorted.” So, a receptivity to knowing there may be messages and messengers on the journey. There can also be an absence of any visuals but can include an unbelievable sense of love and oneness and a feeling of being more connected to oneself and with all people and with a Power Greater than yourself.

What does a psychedelic experience feel like?

Some people have said: “I feel really relaxed. I have a sensation of floating. I feel warmth or some say they are colder and need a blanket. The energy flowing in the body can feel like waves or a physical sensation or it can feel like an electrical current pulsating a vibration that is flowing through the body.

Some people report some nausea depending on the medicine being used and some report throwing up and vomiting as part of the experience and purging. Some people report having more visuals, again depending on the psychedelic medicine.

There are many aspects that are similar or even the same on the different psychedelic journeys no matter what medicine. The difference is in the onset and how quickly the medicine comes on, the duration and the length of the journey, and the coming back and completion of the journey which are distinct or different with each type of medicine.

Breathing exercises will help you savor the body experience and let your body do what it needs to do as your thoughts float through.

These experiences have been reported by many as part of their psychedelic journey:

A lighter feeling and increased positive mood:

  • Fresh thoughts about the significance and meaning of objects, different life events, or seeing memories differently.
  • Openness and enhanced ability to handle some distressing thoughts and memories, and the ability to see them in a more detached way.
  • Ability to have less physical, mental, and emotional stress and reduced anxiety.

Increasing feelings of empathy or warmth and closeness to others:

  • Some significant reduction in self-blame, judgment, and criticism.
  • Reducing the levels of fear when looking at emotionally threatening or charged material.
  • The ability to revisit personal trauma without feeling overwhelmed by the pain or shame that may have felt overwhelming in the past.

As trauma and past painful experiences may surface it is always best to have a trained therapist or guide with you for your journey to help you navigate and get the most out of the healing journey.

If you are struggling there is Psychedelic Peer Support available at with lots of caring support from experienced volunteers to address harm reduction and promote education.

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