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Inviting Your Inner Healer


Inviting Your Inner Healer

There are many names for this Inner Healer part, including Divine Self, Buddha Nature, Loving Presence, Higher Power, God and Goddess, Creative Intelligence, Divine Matrix, Universe, Christ Within ,and Tao, known by many names, but all the same healing presence of inner being ness that is part of you.

Your inner healing journey is realized when you are open and willing to meet all the parts of yourself. Then you have the possibility of meeting your Inner Healer ,which is already apart of your inner world and within you all the time.

You have an Inner Healer right now. But like an old friend you have not seen in an exceptionally long time, you must create the invitation and send the messages in your dreams ,enter the ritual and the psychedelic medicine ceremony, and welcome your healing presence. This may be the part of yourself with a capital “S” our highest Self and best Self.

A connection is needed ,a call to be made, and a message to be sent .And ultimately ,a message to be received. As you open to your inner healing pathways, there is a stream of communications from your Inner Healer to you from your inner world. It takes a willingness to surrender your control and from having to do things your way. Take time to write a personal note and invitation to your Inner Healer in your journal, inviting and welcoming that part to be more present and active in your life.

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