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Preparing for Your Psychedelic Journey


Preparing for Your Psychedelic Journey

There is a vulnerability when entering non-ordinary states of consciousness. It creates a feeling of safety within you and deals with any fears that may arise while on the journey .Preparation for the psychedelic journey is preparing yourself to take a deep dive into your being. It is not as much a leave-taking as it is an inner homecoming.

Knowing and regularly doing grounding techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, spiritual activity, personal ritual, and ceremony are necessary to ready your self to be on the psychedelic journey.

During the non-ordinary states ,a full range of emotions may present themselves ,and using various breathing and grounding techniques will help you. The journey with the psychedelics is about moving toward what is there in your mind and spirit—a willingness to be open to what comes forth rather than running or fleeing from it.

The best advice when something starts to frighten you or chase you is not to run but to move to ward it, face it, and see what it says. Reaffirm this willingness by telling your self, “I will take the next step and breathe.” The various breathing methods can be practiced in advance and will aid you in self-soothing while moving through more difficult phases that sometimes come up during the psychedelic journey.

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