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Spirit Healer Poem


Spirit Healer Poem By:GayLynnGrigas

I am power.
I am soul unfolding.
I am the lotus with petals of wisdom opening.
I am the candle that illumines the mind.

I am the sage and fire that cleanses.
I am the drum that beats in rhythm with the heart drum.
I am the resurrection.
I die to the old and celebrate the emergence of the new.

I honor the ancient wisdom of the ages.
I am the communion of all people.
I am the pain of love and the joy of sorrow.
I am honest, reflecting, risking, and sharing.

I am the trust that opens and heals.
I am wholeness.
I am being, belonging, and be coming in expression.

I am the sacred space of ritual.
I am aware.
I am the journey to new places within.
I am, with intention, transcending daily waking conscious.
I am growing, and time and space grow more relative.

I am the mystery.
I am intuitively one with all life, all people.
I am embracing the unity of all that is.
I am the images, the keys to unlocking new worlds.

I am Spirit.
I am energized and alive.
I dance the dance and then let it dance me.
I am breathing, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing.

I am the music of the earth.
I am the peace that is real and eternal.
I am radical aliveness.
I am peaceful death.

I am being.
I am non-being.
I am ageless.
I am order, the progressive movement of the soul upward.

I am the spiral, the alpha and omega.
I am defining and re-defining.
I am the dream that awakens.
I am the surprise.

I am the fear. I am the love.
I am the initiation in to new life experiences.
I am the rite-of-passage.

I am the opening to new discovery.
I am the voice of the heart’s soul.
I am ritual.
I am Spirit Healer.

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